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London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews

[Missionary Societies.]

London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews, 16, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W. C., established 1809, combining agencies of a Bible, Missionary, Tract, and School Society. It maintains 29 ordained missionaries, 26 unordained missionary agents, 61 colporteurs, scripture readers, school-masters and mistresses etc., the greater part of them Christianized Jews, distributed among 39 stations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The work carried on at the missionary station in London indicates the course pursued by the agents generally; the Gospel is carried into the Jewish quarters, from house to house; inquirers are daily instructed; Divine service is regularly performed in the Hebrew, English, and German languages. Adjoining the chapel in Palestine Place are schools for 100 Hebrew children; 754 have been admitted. There is also a college for training Jewish missionaries. The new Testament has been translated into Hebrew, and both Old and New widely circulated among the Jews,—during the last 10 years to the extent of 27,000 of the former and 15,000 of the latter. Tracts and treatises in various languages, on Jewish controversy, have been largely circulated, with which the Jews have been most favourably impressed. The society has also published the Liturgy in Hebrew. The report states, that when the society was formed, there were not 50 Christian Jews known in the United Kingdom. Now, in the Church of England and Ireland, there are nearly 70 ordained ministers of the seed of Abraham; and there are hundreds of converts. In the society's chapel in London, 881 adults and children, of the House of Israel, have been baptized. In the society's schools at home and abroad, 1,000 children are generally under regular instruction.

Total receipts for the year ending March 1861, amount to 35,460 : 11 : 2, and the total expenditure, 33,374 : 4 : 5; there has been a decided increase of the society's income.

Treasurer, Hon. A. F. Kinnaird.—Hon. Secretary, Rev. J. Backwood, D. D.—Secretary, Rev G. R. Birch.

President, Earl of Shaftesbury.—Bankers, Messrs. Williams, Deacon and Co., 20, Birchin Lane.—Treasurer, John Labouchere, Esq.—Secretaries, Rev. C. J. Goodhart, M. A., Captain Henry L. Layard, and Rev. T. D. Halsted, correspondent in educational matters.

SOURCE: The Charities of London, by Samuel Low, Jun., London: Sampson Low, Son,
and Marston, Milton House, Ludgate Hill. 1861.