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Golf Etiquette

If you're new to golf, then you've got a lot to learn. The most important thing you should know is what is expected of you and all others who partake in the sport of golf. Experienced golfers take the game of golf seriously. They expect that all those using the golf course will behave properly and will take proper care of the golf course.

If you've ever watched a game of golf being played on television, you've seen just how quiet the players and the observers are when another player is attempting to hit the golf ball. There's a reason for the quietness; it's proper golf etiquette. Horsing around, telling jokes and wagering bets are better left until after the game of golf has been completed. The only time a golfer should raise his voice is to warn other golfers of an approaching or out of control golf ball.

The safety of other golfers is another important aspect of proper golf etiquette. Never hit your golf ball until you are positively sure that no one is in the projected path of your golf ball. If you find your golf ball heading directly towards another player or an observer, you can break the above rule about quietness and yell as loud as you can to warn the unsuspecting victim.

While playing golf you're bound to do some damage to the golf course. Proper golf etiquette requires that you never purposely damage the golf course or the greens. When damage does happen use the Divot Repair Tool whenever you need to replace a patch of grass that has been displaced by your golf club or even by your golf shoes. When your golf ball ends up in a dreaded sand trap, approach the golf ball, hit the golf ball out of the sand trap and remember to clean up your mess. Use the handy rake that is conveniently located beside the sand trap and smooth out the sand. Proper golf etiquette requires that the sand rake be returned to its original location.

Another equally important aspect of proper golf etiquette is to protect the integrity of the putting green. Never place your golf bag onto the green. Put it off to the side. Golf ball marks, golf shoes, golf clubs and flagsticks can all cause damage to the putting green. Be sure you take time to bend over and remove those nasty golf ball marks! And don't even think about using your golf club to swing at chunks of perfectly manicured grass or greens. If you're caught doing this, you'll never be invited back onto the golf course.

Finally, know what the player's line is and never cross it. The player's line is the imaginary line that can be drawn between the player's golf ball and the corresponding hole. Use a coin to mark the location of your golf ball should it be in the way of the other player's putt.

Armed with the basics of proper golf etiquette, go out and have some fun!