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29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the County of Lincoln, with the
City and County of the City of Lincoln.

James George Watts (Clerk), Fulletby, Bennett Rothes Langton Langton by Spilsby, William Jollands Gilliat Ashbg Puerorum, Robert Spiking Betts Ashby Puerorum, William Wordsworth Talfourd (Clerk), Winceby, Evan York Nepean (Clerk), Bucknall, George Babb (Clerk), Asterby, John Wadham Floyer Martin, Francis Otter Ranby, William Chatterton Stenigot, John Thomas Stafford Hotchkin Woodhall, Charles Frederick Rogers Baylay (Clerk), Kirkby Bain, Robert Fawssett Ward (Clerk), Coningsby, Joseph Eperingham Hurdman Mareham on the Hill, Mark Gavfit (Clerk), Coningsby, John Everington West Ashby, William Emerson Chapman Low Tointon, the Reverend John Doughty Grenside Donington, the Reverend Joseph Holmes Swineshead, the Reverend Joseph Heath New Bolingbroke, Captain Richard George Calthrop Gosberton, William Gee Esquire, Boston, William Welsh Esquire, Leake, Joseph Hurton Barker Esquire, Holbeack, Samuel Bonsor Barnoldby-le-Beck, Reverend John Bennett Walcot, Reverend Thomas Todd Newton, Reverend Thomas Molyneux Jackson Osburnby, Reverend John Tillard Bonner Dembleby, John Henry Casswell Laughton, William Munton Laurance Dunsby, Joseph Pare Baker Morton, William Cragg Threekingham, William Everington Skegness, John Ashlin Firsby, John West Walker M.B., Spilsby, Marshall Heanley Croft, Harwood Mackinder Langton Grange, West John Rainey Spilsby, James Tillard Bonner Demblely, John Burton Boultham, Robert Eden George Cole Doddington, John Walter Dudding Howell, Gordon Deedes Culverthorpe, John Dudding Waslingborough, R. G. Ellison Boultham, Charles Garth Fullerton Boothby Groffoe, George E. Jarvis Doddington, Edward Kefford Lutt Harneston, Henry Earle Tweede Coleby, Thomas Todd Newton, William Spranged White Potterhamworth, Henry Hawkes, Michael Yarrard, Charles Dickinson Jennings, Jacob Kelk, Isaac Teesdale the younger, George Robinson, all of Spalding, Thomas John Clark, William Gedney Weston, the Reverend John Fairfax Francklin, Thomas Ashby Whaplode, Becuda Cowley, James Measure King Moulton, Valentine Ingram Allen Surfleet, Richard Kilham Tydd Saint Mary, William Ashley of the City of Lincoln, Wine Merchant, George Maples Fox of the City of Lincoln, Ironmonger, John Foster of the City of Lincoln, Builder, Richard Hall of the City of Lincoln, Auctioneer, John Hall of the City of Lincoln, Tailor, Henry Joseph Keyworth of the City of Lincoln, John Norton the younger, of the City of Lincoln, Draper, the Reverend Thomas Sherlock Nelson of the City of Lincoln, Clerk, Joseph Ruston of the City of Lincoln, Engineer, John Smith of the City of Lincoln, Grocer, Richard Waddington of the City of Lincoln, Ironmonger, Cuthbert Wilks of the City of Lincoln, Chemist, the Reverend Christopher Robert Andrews Hough-on-the-Hill, the Reverend Charles Knowles Wintringham, the Reverend Edward Frederick St. Leger Scotton, Matthew Maw the younger, Cleatham, John William Pashley Morton, Edward Peacock Bottesford Manor, the Reverend George Edward Smith Owston, Henry Johnson Esquire, Stamford, Henry Michelson Esquire, Stamford, Moses Galloway Browne Esquire, Stamford, Edward Robbs Esquire, M.D., Stamford, Fortescue John Morgan Esquire, Stamford, Charles Phillips Esquire, Stamford, John Wintringham Great Grimsby.

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