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29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the Rest of the County of Middlesex.

Blomfield Burnell, John Garford junior, James Smart, Nathaniel Hardingham, William French, Nathaniel James Powell, Thomas Venables, Charles Venables, Christopher Hill, George Scammell, Henry Woolven, Alexander Thomas Laport, Henry White, John Outhwaite, Andrew Wilson, Thomas Bradshaw, Thomas Mosdell Smith Vimiera House, Hammersmith, Henry Joseph Smith 30, Argyll Road, Kensington, Samuel Harvey Twining No. 215, Strand, Thomas Stilwell No. 22, Arundel Street, Strand, George Parker Tuxford No. 246, Strand, John Prout No. 229, Strand, William Nathan Esquire, Irwin Edward Bainbridge Cox, William Edward Johnson, John Humphreys the younger, the Manor House, Westbourne Green, Paddington, Robert Webb East India Road, Poplar, Henry Grisell Wharf Road, City Road, Frederick James Gant Grenville Street, Brunswick Square, James Edmunds Spital Square, — — Faith Park House, Mile End Road, John Wirrett 6, Clapton Villas, Clapton, Thomas Beath Christie Hackney, Robert King Champion Place, Upper Clapton, Leonard Carter Warwick Terrace, North, Upper Clapton, John Kelday Upper Clapton, — — Merry Lower Terrace, Upper Clapton, John Gay Finsbury Place, Richard Brushfield Spitalfields, Caesar Alexander Long Shoreditch, John Harris Heal 169, Tottenham Court Road, James Hodge 145, 146, and 147, Drury Lane, and Ivy House, Highgate, John Hodge 57, Russell Square, and 145, 146, and 147, Drury Lane, Thomas Henry Scarborough 5, Bloomsbury Square, Robert Stedall, Broad Street, Bloomsbury, and The Priory, Highgate, Nathaniel Hardingham 3, Paradise Row, Bethnal Green, N.E., Robert Barnes Harefield Grove, Esquire, Henry William Woodbridge Uxbridqe, Barrister-at-Law, Frederick John Rutter Hillingdon, Esquire, Richard Hall Hillingdon, Esquire, Joseph Fisher Hillingdon, Esquire, George Edwards 3, Canterbury Villas, Maida Hill, Charles Frederick Wallis 1, Springfield Road, Hampstead, Henry Cornick Heath Street, Hampstead, Arthur Elley Finch 16, Haverstock Hill, Edward Robert Butler Cromwell Hall, Finchley, John Savage 54, Thornhill Square, Islington, William Nathaniel Wortley Highgate, Middlesex, William Webb 4, York Place, Albion Road, Stoke Newington, Henry Witten 5, Alwyne Road, Canonbury, Robert Sinclair 9, St. Mary Road, Islington, Marmaduke Levitt 17, Park Road, Upper Holloway, Leopold Keller Hornsey, Arthur Waller 11, Aberdeen Park, Highbury, Percy Arden Sunbury, Douglas Arden Sunbury, Robert Freeman 13, Upper Phillimore Place, George Farmiloe junior, 118, Saint John Street, West Smithfield, Arthur Walter 11, Aberdeen Park, Highbury, Richard Moreland junior, 5, Old Street, Saint Luke's, Edward Complin 24, Charterhouse Square, William Walton Williams Highbury New Park, Thomas Hall Upper Holloway, Benjamin Ambler 6, Oxford Terrace, Upper Holloway, Edward John Thompson 2, Myddelton Square, Clerkenwell, Frederick Shadbolt Hornsey Lane, Charles Edward Elston 24, Myddelton Street, Clerkenwell, Henry Hayne 5, Highbury Crescent, Islington, John Kilpatrick 2, Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, William Leavers 403, City Road, lslington, Sir George Samuel Abercromby Baronet, Portman Square, Charles Baddeley Regent Street, Frederick Beasley Upper Hamilton Terrace, James Benham Wigmore Street, John Benham Wigmore Street, William Lionel Bird Castle Street East, John Bloomer Upper Gloucester Place, Matthias Boyce Greville Road, George Brown Newman Street, Thomas Buckmaster Nottingham Place, James Champion Harewood Square, William Gadsby Davies Wigmore Street, Frederick Dehenham Wigmore Street, Charles Duncum Wigmore Street, John Fielder Filmer Berners Street, William Foster Wigmore Street, Henry Gotto Oxford Street, Caleb Hall Bryanston Street, George Hanbury Portman Square, John Harman Portman Square, Frederick Headland M.D., Margaret Street, Thomas Henry Ince Oxford Street, John Robert Kenyon Lower Berkeley Street, Henry Smith Lawford Manchester Square, Reverend Henry Thomas Lumsden Lower Berkeley Street, James Marshall junior, Vere Street, Thomas Marshall Vere Street, William Page Thomas Phillips Gloucester Place, George Arthur Poland Oxford Street, George Valentine Rathbone Wigmore Street, Robert Reid Mansfield Street, Alexander Nisbet Shaw York Place, John Snelgrove Hamilton Terrace, Captain James H. Storey Bryanston Square, Henry Taylor Vere Street, Thomas Taylor Vere Street, William George Taylor Baker Street, William Frederick Teevan Portman Square, Henry Thompson Wimpole Street, Captain Samuel John Unwin Harewood Square, David Webster Norfolk Road.

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