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29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the County of Northumberland.

Henry Christian Allhusen Elswick Hall, William Edward Barnett Benwell, Thomas Bates Heddon, Edward Beck Prestwick Lodge, William Bourne North Shields, John Byrom Bramwell North Shields, Jacob Burnett Tynemouth, Thomas Hayton Burnett Elswick Lane, John Burrell Ravensworth Terrace, William Charlton Causey House, William Chartres Fenham Place, James Coxon Longbenton, John Dryden Camp Terrace, George Dunn Bath House, John Fawcus Lovaine Terrace, John William Fenwick Northumberland Square, William Grace Scotswood, William Harle Carlton Place, Dennis Hill Washington Terrace, Thomas Hodgkin Elswick Lane, George Jobling Tynemouth, Solomon Mease Cleveland House, Samuel Neville North Elswick, Andrew Noble Heaton, John William Pease Benwell, Edward Potter Tynemouth, Christian John Reed North Elswick, Robert Robey Redmayne Victoria Terrace, George William Rendal Benwell, Joseph Robinson Northumberland Square, William Shields North Elswick, Edward Shotton Northumberland Square, John Sowerby Benwell, William Snowball Gosforth, Alexander Shannen Stevenson Tynemouth, John Forster Spence Chirton Cottage, Emanuel Young Camp Terrace, William Smith Melkington, George Hogg Kyloe.

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