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29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the Rest of the County of Oxford.

Nicholas Caesar Corselles Esquire, Bensington, Alfred de Mornay Esquire, Cold harbour, Crowmarsh, Edward Bennett, William Potts, John Golby Rusher, Thomas Hunt, Joseph Jarvis, Henry Ward, Benjamin Gardner, Jonathan Gillett, Shearman Chesterman, Arthur Brisley Rye, Henry Stone, Thomas Draper, Robert Stanton Wise, Timothy Rhodes Cobb, John Hadland,William Strange, John Phillips Barford, Alfred Gillett, Charles Gillett, William Thomas Douglas, Henry Walford, Richard Edmunds junior, William Edmunds, Henry Cowper, Joseph Malsbury, John Gazey, William Wemys Methvin Dewar Esquire, Middleton Stoney, the Reverend James Charles Blomfield Launton, the Reverend Charles Montague Style Bicester House, William Douglas Cole Esquire, Bicester.

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