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[Surrey: Commissioners for Land Tax Acts, Local History]


29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the County of Surrey.

John Curling Esquire, Frederick Gould Esquire, John Marshall Paine Sayes Court, Chertsey, Reverend John Jennings Twynersh, Chertsey, David Innis Noad Fan Court, Chertsey, Reverend Newton John Spicer Rectory, Byfleet, Benjamin Lewis Ongar Hill House, Chertsey, Frank Lewis Dowling Ongar Hill Cottage, Chertsey, John Charles Blackett Thorpe Lea, Chertsey, Major Augustus Howell Shepherd Eastworth, Chertsey, John Docwra Dickinson Esquire, Farncombe Place, Godalming, William James Lees Esquire, Netherwood, Godalming, Reverend William Duncan Long Vicar of Godalming, John Charles Francis Ramsden Esquire, Busbridge Hall, Godalming, Thomas Jenkyns Heathcote Boxhill Farm, Dorking, Richard Attlee Rose Hill, Dorking, Henry Lee Steere Ockley, John Morland, William Goodson, George Chasemore, George Appleton, Joseph M. Eastty, Thomas Leedham Robinson, William Browne (Brickwood House), Thomas Farley, Alfred Crowley, Thomas White Davies, James Laming, George Friend Whiteley, William James Maxwell, Philip Hanbury, Frederick Alers Hankey Esquire, Silverlands, Chertsey, Jonah Cressingham, Hedworth David Barclay Esquire, John Churchill Esquire, Henry Knight Esquire, William Leaf. Esquire, Owen Lewis Esquire, Charles Barrett Lennard Esquire, John Andrew Lyon Esquire, Washington Lyon Esquire, Daniel Sturdy Esquire, Timothy Sarr Esquire, Seymour Teulon Esquire, Benjamin Thorn Esquire, Alfred James Waterlow Esquire, John Freetham Esquire, George Brooksbank Bermondsey, Benjamin Gay Wilkinson Bermondsey, Thomas William Ellston Bermondsey, George Matthews Bermondsey, Enoch Clarke Camberwell, Thomas Suffield Bermondsey, William Senhouse Gaitskell Streatham, Henry H. Fawcett Streatham, Peter B. Cow Streatham, John Burton Streatham, George Francis Trollope Streatham, Francis Fuller Streatham, William Carpmael Streatham, Henry Newsome Goodhart Tooting.

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