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29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the Rest of the County of Sussex.

Reverend Francis R. Hepburne Chailey, Reverend William Powell Newich, Thomas St. Leger Blaauw Newick, George Grantham Barcombe, Charles Ellis Streat, James Dumbrell Ditchling, William Farnes St. Michael, Lewes, the Reverend William Henry Meade Buck, James Holland, Buckmaster Joseph Tuck and Thomas Vincent, all of the Town and Port of Seaford, Reverend John Rouse Bloxam Upper Beeding, D.D., Reverend John Moreland Rice Bramber, Clerk, Reverend Hugh Ingram Steyning, Clerk, Robert Bethume Ingram Steyning, Major in Her Majesty's Army, John Ingram Steyning, Eardley Nicholas Hall Henfield, Banker, Reverend Divie Robertson Henfield, Clerk, Reverend John Ballard Washington, Clerk, Robert Kenward Icklesham, James Weston Icklesham, John Simmons Icklesham, James Smith Icklesham, George Jenner Icklesham, Edmund Andrew Sadler Bepton, Mullens Dennett Lodsworth, Captain Henry King R.N, Chithurst, Anthony Salvin Fernhurst, the Reverend William Henry Parson Linchmere, Herbert George Yatman North Ambersham, Nathaniel Weekes Midhurst, Augustus Thorne Battle, Very Reverend Edward Neville Crake Battle, Reverend Charles William Cass Battle, William Edward Moncton Watts Battle, James Laurence Battle, Samuel Carter Battle, Julian Arthur Worge Battle, Reverend W. Hedley Beckley, Reverend Charles Parker Bodiam, Reverend Thomas Henry Papillon Crowhurst, Reverend Ralph R. Tatham Dallington, Henry Burra East Guldeford, John Launchton Maclean Etchingham, Humphrey Conwell Barton Etchingham, Reverend Robert Gilbe Barton Etchingham, Henry Edward Samuel Rudyerd Etchingham, Reverend G. Bodier Ewhurst, Reverend Henry Stunt Fairlight, Bridger Stent Fairlight, Lawrence Ashburnham Guestling, Cromer Ashburnham Guestling, Reverend Edward Newson Blomfield Guestling, James Weston Guestling, Reverend William Jackson Heathfield, Reverend Rose Fuller Whistler Hollington, Edward Haberson Hollington, David Stone Hollington, Edward Farncomb Hollington, Samuel Pix Iden, Charles Harris M.D., Northiam, John Frewen Northiam, James Selmes Northiam, George D. Bishopp Northiam, Reverend George Rainer Ninfield, Thomas Sampson Ninfield, Henry Early Wyatt Ore, Reverend W. Richard Ick Peasmarsh, Henry Crockford Peasmarsh, Laurence Reeve Peasmarsh, Reverend Frederic Young Pett, Hugh Johnston Salehurst, Reverend Alexander Orr Salehurst, Reverend George Luxford Salehurst, Reverend John Alton Hatchard Saint Leonards, Reverend Edward Owen Sedlescomb, Richard Frederick Pratt Sedlescomb, Reverend G. E. Haviland Warbleton, Charles Marion Welstead Whatlington, Robert Bayley Follett Westfield, Brent Spencer Follett Westfield, William Leigh Smith Westfield, John Curling 8, King's Bench Walk, Temple.

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