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29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the County of Warwick.

Arthur Starlin Exhall, John Neale Exhall, John Smith Neale Exhall, George Isaac Starlin Exhall, Swain Wilson Exhall, Richard Masser Longford, Joseph Moggs Keresley, James Sibley Whittem Wyken Colliery, Joseph Calloway Foleshill, George Earle Stoke, John Gulson Coventry, Richard Caldicott the younger, Coventry, Charles James Bill Coventry, William Carter Coventry, George Newark Coventry, John Cash Coventry, William Stevens Coventry, Eusebius Holmes Crutchlow Coventry, John Ward Coventry, William Henry Marston Coventry, William Slingsby Coventry, Richard Kevitt Rotherham Coventry, John Rotherham the younger, Coventry, Henry Soden Coventry, John Sutton Coventry, Edward Mattocks Coventry, William Pitman Collingbourne Coventry, Thomas Smith Coventry, Joseph Russell Coventry, Joseph Anstey Coventry, John Anstey Coventry, Robert Arnold Dalton Coventry, Thomas Berry Coventry, John Hill Coventry, Thomas William Crofts Coventry, Alexander Rotherham Coventry, Charles Bray Coventry, John Pratt Coventry, John Pratt the younger, Coventry, Henry Scampton Coventry, Robert Harvey Minster Coventry, Benjamin Hickling Coventry, Andrew Hughes Coventry, Joseph Caldicott Coventry, John Astley Coventry, Edward Lynes M.D., Coventry, Ignatius Denis McVeagh M.D., Coventry, Samuel Hitchins Coventry, William Henry Heginbottom Coventry, Henry Ingles Davis Coventry, the Reverend William Heygate Benn Churchover near Rugby, the Reverend David Wauchope Church Lawford near Rugby, George Charles Benn Esquire, Rugby, Henry Brierly Esquire, King's Newnham near Rugby, William Henry Worth Townsend Esquire, King's Newnham near Rugby, the Reverend Degge Wilmot Sitwell Leamington Hastings near Rugby, John Charles Bucknill M.D., Hillmorton Hall near Rugby, James Smith Barnwell Esquire, Belton near Rugby, Lieutenant- Colonel William Henry Rickards Rugby, William Pearson Esquire, North Kilworth House near Rugby, the Reverend Edward C. Topham Ladbrook near Rugby, Thomas Phillips of Edgbaston, Edwin Gwyther of Edgbaston, Henry Rotton of Moseley, Samuel De la Grange Williams the younger, of Birmingham.

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