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[York, North Riding: Commissioners for Land Tax Acts, Local History]


29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the North Riding of the County of York.

The Reverend Canon William Hey of Clifton, William Clough of Clifton House, Esquire, Henry Stafford Thompson of St. Leonard's Place, Esquire, William Jameson Bagdale, Whitby, Robert Barry Park Hill, Fylingdales, Henry Simpson Meadowfield House, Whitby Joseph Barker Richardson Sneaton, Thomas Percival Union Place, Whitby, Thomas Peirson Aislaby near Whitby, Thomas Bagnall junior, Airy Hill, Whitby, Thomas Staunton Starkey Hutton Lodge, Malton, Esquire, the Reverend Samuel Wimbush Terrington, York, Clerk, the Reverend George Augustus Smith The Elms, Malton, and Vicar of Autton's Ambo, Clerk, James Smith Barton Cottage, Malton, Esquire, John Hawksworth Legard Easthorpe Park, Malton, Esquire, William Charles Copperthwaite The Lodge, Malton, Esquire, John Kitching Pickering, Robert Parkinson Pickering, William Watson Pickering, John Watson junior, Pickering, Thomas Mitchelson Kendall, Pickering, James Lesley Sinnington, William Dennis Parkinson Pickering, Frank Parkinson Pickering, Edward John Jackson Wrelton, Joshua Priestman Thornton, Thomas Harrison junior, Great Barugh, Robert Harding Harding Marishes, John Bainbridge Booth Esquire, Killerby, Catterick, William Charge Booth Esquire, Oram, Catterick, Reverend John Dauncey Anderson Thornton, Watlass, Dighy Cayley Esquire, Brompton, Henry Thomas Laye Esquire, Scarborough, William Taylor Esquire, Scarborough, Thomas Joseph Candler Esquire, West Ayton, Sherburn, Thomas Keld Beswick Esquire, Gristhorpe, Alfred Henry Darley Esquire, Scarborough, John Kelk M.D., Scarborough, William Bean Fowler Esquire, Scarborough, Henry Fowler Esquire, Scarborough, Robert Champley Esquire, Scarborough, William Holden Esquire, Scarborough, the Reverend James Alexander Birch Middleham Rectory, near Bedale, Francis Chapman Esquire, Thornton Rust, near Bedale, Claveaux Darley Chaytor Esquire, Spennithorne Hall, near Bedale, John Clarkson Esquire, The Chantry, West Witton, near Bedale, Robert Lodge Esquire, Bishopdale, near Bedale, Christopher Other Esquire, junior, Elm House, Redmire, near Bedale, Thomas William Other Esquire, Elm House, Redmire, near Bedale, the Honourable and Reverend Thomas Orde Powlett Wensley Rectory, near Bedale, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Topham Caldbergh, Coverdale, near Bedale, Oswald Routh Whaley Esquire, Hawes, near Bedale, the Reverend. John Winn Askrigg, near Bedale.

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