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29o and 30o VICTORIAE, c.58, 59


An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

For the West Riding of the County of York.

George Greenwood Tetley Esquire, Manningham, Bradford, Charles Semon Esquire, Manningham, Bradford, George Turner the younger, Esquire, Legrams, Horton, Bradford, John Light Esquire, Horton, Bradford, Marmaduke William Whitaker Esquire, Thomas Harker Spring Bank, Harrowgate, Esquire, the Reverend Robert Elmhirst Knaresbrough, Clerk, Edward Earnshaw Knaresbrough, Esquire, Joseph Holt Wedderburne House, Harrowgate, Esquire, William Whincup Haya Park, Knaresbrough, Esquire, William Driffield the younger, Knaresbrough, Esquire, Edward Barnes Thorpe Green Hall, Esquire, William H. Gaunt Thornville Royal, Esquire, Thomas Lockwood Harrowgate, Esquire, Thomas Moss Horsfall Buxton Cottage, Rawden, Jeremiah Rawson Rawden, Edwin Anderton New Laith's Hall, Leeds, Godfrey Rhodes Rawdon Hill, Otley, Henry Woffindin Newton Grove, Corn Merchant, John Dearman Birchall Gledhow, Cloth Merchant, William Christy Horsfall Low Hall, Horsforth, Francis Howard Taylor Barnsley, John Cordeux Barnsley, Richard Inns Barnsley, Thomas Dymond Brierley, Herbert Hodgetts Taylor Dodworth Hall, William Hopwood Barnsley, Henry Briggs Brampton, William James Dandison Barnsley, George Harrison Barnsley, John Kaye Clayton West, Charles Newman Barnsley, Edward Lancaster Barnsley, Robert Stockil Doncaster, Jonathan Barnard Sheardown Doncaster, Henry Moore Doncaster, William Cotterell Clark Doncaster, Henry Jubb Moorgate, Rotherham, Robert Storr Best Esquire, Moorfields, Goole, John Humble Rockett Esquire, Goole, John Birkbeck junior, Anley, near Settle, Esquire, Lorenzo Christie Langcliffe Place, near Settle, Esquire, Robert Hattersley Ellis Esquire, Dewsbury, Jonathan Haigh Heaton Lodge, near Dewsbury, Esquire, Samuel Whitham Esquire, Stanley Hall, Wakefield, Reverend Robert Hicks Clerk, Smeaton, Reverend Thomas Phipps Amiens Champney Clerk, Badsworth, George W. Carter Esquire, Lime Grove, Knottingley.

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