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[Pugilism in Westminster]


SOURCE: THE GLOBE and Traveller, Wednesday, May 26, 1852.

Globe and Traveller

WESTMINSTER.—Charles Dobson and William Blackmore, two powerful young men, were charged with being concerned with a number of others in a desperate attack upon the police,

On Friday night the police discovered a great crowd of persons assembled at St. Ormond's-hill, Westminster, where a fight was taking place between two men, The officers parted the combatants and requested them so go away. One did so, but the other became so violent that it was found necessary to take him into custody, and they were about proceeding with him to the station, when a desperate attack was made upon them by a large mob, consisting of thieves, prostitutes and other base characters, with which the neighbourhood abounds. Stones brickbats, and other missiles were hurled at the constables, two or whom were wounded on the forehead, and others severely injured.

Evidence was given to prove that the defendants took a most active part in the attack upon the police, and had inflicted, some of the injuries they had received The accused made no defence. They were committed for trial.