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Goodchap v. Wearing


SOURCE: THE GLOBE and Traveller, Wednesday, May 26, 1852.

Globe and Traveller


(Before Sir George Turner.)

Goodchap v. Wearing.

Sir W. Page Wood, with whom was Mr. Roxburgh, stated that he was instructed to move for the production of papers admitted in Mr. Feargus O'Connor's answer, but upon which his solicitor, Mr. Roberts, of Manchester, claimed to have a lien for 3,000l. for costs. There were also in the paper exceptions to Mr. O'Connor's answer for insufficiency. There was also an application pending, to transfer to the Master in the cause all the proceedings which bad been taken under the order for winding up the affairs of the company. It had been thought that some general order, embracing these matters, might be agreed upon; he asked, therefore, that they might stand over for the purpose.

Mr. Swanston and Mr. W. H. Bennet, for the defendant, Mr. F. O'Connor, acquiesced in the suggestion, and it was ordered that the exceptions should be taken out of the paper generally, and that the motions should stand over to enable parties to prepare an order to refer all matters to the Master to who it would be referred to wind up the affairs of the company.