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Jennens Estate


SOURCE: THE GLOBE and Traveller, Wednesday, May 26, 1852.

Globe and Traveller


The statement of a decision having taken place in the Court of Chancery, with regard to this enormous property, in favour of one Martin, of Maldon, in this county, although communicated to us through a highly respectable channel, is not, we are assured by other claimants, founded on fact. Our correspondent, it appears, derived his information indirectly from Martin himself, who (much advanced in years) having been called to town to attach his signature to some document connected with the proceedings in his behalf, fancied that he had, by his autograph, secured the property. His satisfactory apportionment of the same amongst his family, with which he proceeded, induced the conclusion in their minds, also that the affair was settled; but the wide circulation given to the rumour has led to a host of communication from other claimants, amongst them one from the "Jennens Family Association," in Sun street, Bishopsgate, from which we are led to believe that all the Chancery "doubts" as, to the rightful owners, are, not yet dispelled an that all the claimants may still indulge in the idea that they have a chance of the prize.