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SOURCE: THE GLOBE and Traveller, Wednesday, May 26, 1852.

Globe and Traveller

CLERKENWELL.—Thomas Smith, a young man of repulsive countenance, decently dressed, was charged by Agnes Gillett, a pretty-looking woman, 21 years of age, residing with her parents, at 5, Mitchel street, St. Luke's, with having attempted to violate her.

It appeared from the evidence of the prosecutrix that on Sunday night last she was taking a walk, when the prisoner accosted her, and she walked with him. She met him again by appointment on Monday night, when she accompanied him to a concert at the Ironmongers' Arms, City road, where she took part of a glass of ale with him. He then took her to a concert at the Salmon and Compasses, Penton street, Pentonville, where she took a portion of another glass of ale, and shortly after she felt a stupor and left the place, when the prisoner followed her. They walked together until they arrived in a field. He said be would marry her, and would set up the banns. He pressed her to go home with him. She tried to get away from him, when he pushed her down and endeavoured to accomplish his purpose. She resisted and called out for help, when the police arrived, and took the prisoner into custody.—The prisoner was fully committed to Newgate for trial.