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[Royal Visit to Woolwich Arsenal, 1855]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Dec 8, 1855, p.675

After a cursory inspection of this department, the Royal visitors and the officers by whom they were attended mounted their chargers and followed her Majesty through Woolwich to the common. All the route by which they passed was lined by dense crowds of people, who gave his Majesty and the Queen and Prince a deafening welcome. Arrived upon the common, the Royal party inspected a troop of the Royal Horse Artillery and two field batteries, which were turned out in full marching order, and carried everything they use in active service, except their blankets. The Horse Artillery fired a few rounds, but this portion of the day's proceedings was much shortened by the descent of a thick fog which hid everything from view; and, after filing past, the inspection terminated by the King, Prince Albert, and the Duke galloping forward and examining the guns and their fittings. After this display the Queen and her guest returned to the barracks on the common, followed by the escort and the guard of honour of the Bucks Militia, which had received her at the Arsenal on the common. The ground round the barracks was kept by detachments of Sappers and Royal Artillery, who had hard work to prevent the immense crowds from trespassing on the space marked off.