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[Royal Visit to Woolwich Arsenal, 1855]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Dec 8, 1855, p.675

The illustrious party on alighting proceeded to the officers' quarters, where an elegant dejeuner had been prepared for them, after partaking of which they were conducted by General Wynyatt to the officers' library. About forty artillerymen and twenty sappers, all of whom had been rendered unfit for future service by the severe character of their wounds, were presented to the Queen's most gracious attention. At about twenty minutes past three o'clock the illustrious visitors and their respective suites again took their seats in the Royal carriages. On the departure of the cortege the enthusiasm of the multitude of spectators which thronged the outside of the barracks was almost unbounded, the deafening cheering and waving of handkerckiefs continuing until it had passed out of sight. The Royal carriages passed over Blackheath, and thus returned by the same route they had followed in the morning. At every point along the line crowds of people had collected in anticipation of their return, who greeted them warmly as they passed. Their Majesties arrived at the Nine-elms station about five o'clock, and from thence proceeded by special train at once to Windsor Castle.