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New South Wales

Source: The Illustrated London News, August 12, 1848

Advices from Sydney to the 10th of April have been received. On the 22nd March the Legislative Council was opened by a commission, consisting of the Colonial Secretary, the Attorney-General, and the Colonial Treasurer, the Governor's attendance being prevented from the recent loss suffered in his family. The Governor's address commenced by congratulating the Council that, notwithstanding the commercial depression which prevailed in the mother country, and the consequent low prices of colonial produce, the chief resources of the colony had continued to increase. It also noticed the fact that, although the advanced price of agricultural and pastoral labour had pressed so severely on the employers, it had, on the other hand, been the source of highly remunerative employment to the working classes. His Excellency then observed "I have endeavoured, by seeking fresh supplies of labour from the mother country, to restore that equilibrium, the maintenance of which between the two classes is so essential to the general, as well as to their mutual, welfare. The anticipations which I entertained in my last opening address to the council have, I am glad to say, been fully realised. The whole of the land and emigration debentures have been paid off, and the territorial revenue has exhibited so prosperous a state as to enable me to request her Majesty's Government to send out to the colony, in addition to the 5000 statute adults already promised, and of whom the two first ship-loads lately arrived In the Hyderabad and Lady Peel, an equal number in the ensuing season. There is every prospect that the whole of this immigration may be effected without the necessity of incurring any debt. The territorial revenue will thus remain available as a security for raising any additional labour which circumstances may render expedient. The emigrants now in progress of arriving are to be selected equally from the three great divisions of the United Kingdom. They are also to be equally divided between the Sydney and Port Phillip districts, and the expense charged accordingly, so that each district will receive the number for which it pays."