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Source: The Illustrated London News, June 15, 1850, p.424

On Saturday, the second Fete of the season took place at the Society's Gardens Chiswick. The weather was splendid; and the company of high fashion and very large number, there being from 5000 to 6000 persons present.

Among the noble and distinguished persons early in the grounds were the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Marchioness of Weatmoreland, Marchioness of Waterford, Countess of Jersey and Lady Clementina Villiers, Countess of Macclesfield, Lord and Lady Bridport, Lady Rolle, Marchioness of Exeter, Lord and Lady Canning, Baron Brunnow (the Russian Ambassador) and Baroness Brunnow, Lord and Lady Morley, Lord William Fitzroy, Lord and Lady Wharncliffe, Earl Grey, Earl of Zetland, Lord Sondes, Earl of Orkney, and Lord Portman. The Nepaulese ambassador, and the other members of the mission, were also present, and excited very great interest. They were dressed in their national costume. The Ambassador, in addition to the other costly articles of his apparel, wore a pair of rich light satin trowsers. The three individuals constituting the mission appeared exceedingly delighted with the appearance of the grounds, and the vast assemblage of beauty and fashion by which the gardens were graced; as well as with the music of the 1st Life Guards, the Horse Guards (Blue), and the Colstream Guards.

The exhibition was one of the best for some years past, the state of the weather for the previous fortnight having been very favourable. The Victoria Lily was again the great floral attraction. It excited even more attention than it did at the May exhibition: it will be found engraved in No. 399 of the Illustrated London News.

The second fete of the season is usually considered best for company, and the display on Saturday supported this distinction. The May exhibition is the best for flowers, and the July for fruit.

We have engraved a portion of the large Conservatory in the Gardens: its entire dimensions are 184 feet long, 25 feet high, and about 30 feet wide.

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