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The new Opium Clipper "Wild Dayrell"

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 10, 1855, p.564

This new schooner, the Wild Dayrell, has been lately constructed by Messrs. John and Robert White, of the Medina Docks, Cowes, for the old established arm of Messrs. Dent and Co. of Hong-Kong.

The yacht-like appearance of this schooner attracted the notice of several members of the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes, and other cognoscenti in naval matters, and is in every respect worthy the high reputation of her eminent builders. Her form for beauty, speed, and seagoing qualities is most admirable; and she is so constructed, with extra fastenings and scanthing where necessary, as to give her the greatest possible strength, to contend with the tempestuous weather of the China Seas, without detracting from her sailing qualities by overloading her with material.

She has a heavy and most complete armament for protection against the swarms of pirates that now infest the Coast of China, and, in the event of coming athwart hawse of those junks, her 'Long Tom amidships' will, no doubt, tell a tale. Her equipment is also of the highest order. All the latest improvements in rigging and sails have been adopted; and her fittings, in point of neatness and finish, are not excelled by the finest yacht. She is commanded by Captain Walter Macfarlane, a gentleman well conversant with the coast,and who expects his Wild Dayrell to prove herself to be the fastest model afloat, and the forerunner of a fleet of similarly armed craft for that peculiar trade. Her dimensions are:—
Length over all, 103.3 feet. Breadth, 23.7 feet. Depth, 13.3 feet.
Tonnage, 0.M., 253 6-94; and N.M. 158 43-100.

Wild Dayrell