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Source: The Illustrated London News, Sept. 8, 1883, p.246

Wills and Bequests

The will (dated Sept. 29, 1881) of Mr. Edward Daun, late of The Firs, Mitcham, and of the Lambeth Distillery, Lambeth ­road, rectifier and distiller, who died on Feb. 15 last, was proved on the 6th ult. by Mrs. Rose Anne Daun, the widow, Charles Jenkin Coles and Thomas Valentine Smith, the sur­viving executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to over £84,000. The testator leaves his real estate to his wife for life and then to his son Edward Robert; he also leaves to his wife £1000, certain plate, and his pictures, wines, house­hold goods, horse and carriage ; to his sons Edward Robert and Charles James such additional interest in his partnership business as will make their shares of the profits seven and a half thirtieths each, and their capital £30,000 each, subject to their paying interest on the latter sums to his wife for her life, and to a payment to his estate at her death in proportion to the amount of the general residue; and there are legacies to his executors, partners, and to several persons in the employ of his firm. The residue of the personalty is to be held, upon trust, for his wife for life, and at her death for his son William Henry, and his daughters, Emily and Alice Elizabeth.