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Fowler's Patent Draining Plough.

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 16, 1850, p.377

An experimental trial of Fowler's Patent Draining Plough and Machinery took place on Thursday, the 7th inst., in a field at the back of Mr. John Smith's iron foundry, at Uxbridge, where considerable Improvements have been effected, under the immediate direction of the inventor. The trial commenced shortly after twelve o'clock, and was attended by a large and most respectable body of agriculturists, amongst whom we noticed Lord Robert Grosvenor and General Wemyss, F. Sherborne, J. and W. Trumper, C. Newman, — Darville, — Houghton. — Cox. H. Riches, and H. Lowcock, Esqrs., who watched the operations of the machine with great interest, and were unanimously of opinion, that, when the result of a few more experiments had enabled the inventor to apportion the strength of the various parts to the relative strain, it would become one of the most practically useful and economical apparatus for draining purposes that has hitherto been introduced to the notice of the agricultural community. [for the remainder of this report see The Illustrated London News, Nov. 16, 1850, p.377]