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Source: The Illustrated London News, Sept. 8, 1883, p.246

Wills and Bequests

The will (dated Nov. 18, 1882) of Mrs. Elizabeth Marie Hardwicke, late of Tytherington Grange, Gloucestershire, who died on April 6 last at Thornbury, was proved on the 2nd ult. by Hardwicke Lloyd Hardwicke, the husband, and John Thurburn Maclaine, the brother, the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to upwards of 39,000. The testatrix gives 2000 to her father, William Osborn Maclaine; 300 to her sister-in-law, Mrs. Rachel Hay Maclaine; 100 to Mrs. Annette Edwards; and the rest of her money in two equal parts to her said brother and to her husband.