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Henry Matcham

Source: The Illustrated London News, Sept. 8, 1883, p.246

Wills and Bequests

The will (dated Dec. 7, l882), with a codicil (dated March 13, 1883), of Mr. Henry Matcham late of Townley Castle, Ramsgate, who died on March 13 last, at No. 2, Edith-road, West Kensington, has been proved by James Morshead Barnes, Thomas Thornton, and Frederick Shelley Rix, the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to upwards of 95,000. The testator bequeaths 5000 and a house in Connaught-square to his sister Mrs. Anne Thornton; 5000 to his sister Mrs. Sarah King ; 2000 to his niece, Mary Ann King ; 5000 to his medical attendant, Edward Bevan Tench; 5000, upon trust, for his sister Mrs. Morant Gale, for life, and then for her children; 5000, upon trust, for his sister Eliza Matcham, for life, and then for the children of his late sister Louisa Michael; 500 each to the Ramsgate Dispensary and the Hospital for Incurables, Putney; 300 each to the Seamen's Home, Ramsgate, and the Smack Boys' Home, Ramsgate; and numerous legacies to friends, executors, servants, and others. The residue of his property he leaves to Richard Brindsley Hooper, of Clifton.