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Meetings and Anniversaries

Source: The Illustrated London News, April 30, 1853

We can only find space for a brief record of the various meetings which have recently taken place in the metropolis:—The annual meeting of the Church of England Metropolitan Training Institution took place at the College of Highbury, on Wednesday—The Society of Friends of Foreigners in Distress held its anniversary festival on the 23rd, at the London Tavern—The General Society for Improving the Dwellings of the Working-classes held their annual meeting at Willis's Rooms, on Monday.—The yearly general assembling of the members of the Baptist Home Missionary Society took place on Monday evening, at Albion Chapel, Moorfields.—The Marine Society held its annual festival on Wednesday, at the London Tavern. The same day, the children of the Yorkshire Society were examined at the annual meeting, held for that purpose, at the School-rooms, Westminster-road.—On Tuesday, at Willis's-rooms, the subscribers and friends of the Female Aid Society assembled, and held their annual meeting.—The anniversary meeting of the friends of the London Homeopathic Hospital was held on Monday, at the Hospital in Golden-square, Oxford-street.—The friends and supporters of King Edward Ragged and Industrious Schools bad a meeting en Tuesday, at the School-room in Spitalfields.