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Paris Exposition: Agriculture

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.17, 1855, p.579


MEDALS OF HONOUR.—W. Croskill, Beverly; R. Garrett and Son, Sax­mundham; R. Hornsby and Son, Grantham; J. and F. Howard, Bedford; Ransome and Simes, Ipswich.

FIRST CLASS MEDALS.—J. Dean and Son, N. B. Ward, London; W. Ball, Rothwell, Kettering; Barker, Victoria ; E. H. Bentall, Heybridge ; W. Busby, Newton-le-Wilows; R. Coleman, Chelmsford; Universal Exhibition Com­mittee, Guiana; Canada Company, Toronto; London Manure Company; E. Cox, Fern-hill, New South Wales; G. Cross, Montreal, Canada; Dickenson, Hewatt, Van Diemen's Land; J. C. Gie, Cape of Good Hope; F. E. Cormode, Van Diemen's Land; W. Lyman and Co., Montreal, Canada; J. W. M'Arthur, Camden, New South Wales; M. H. Marsh, New England, New South Wales ; Smith and Ashby?, Hamfort; W. Smith, Kettering; the Flax Society of Encou­ragement of Ireland ; R. Wade, Coburg, Canada, Wright, Van Diemen's Land.

SECOND CLASS MEDALS.—T. B Bayley, Cape of Good Hope; Burgess and Co.; G. Cox, New South Wales; J. Fisher, Montreal, Canada; Fleming, To­ronto, Canada; Flett, Manning River, New South Wales; J. Grant, Van Die­men's Land; Hutton, Victoria; D. Laurent, Varennes, Canada; T. Learmouth, Victoria; Tipperary flax ; Roscommon flax; Cork flax; Armagh flax; J. Mil­ligan, Van Diemen's Land; L. Moise, Milton, Canada; Noufflard, Sydney, New South Wales: Parks and Co.; Richardson Brothers, Edinburgh; Dr. Royle; A. Shaw, Toronto, Canada; G. Shepperd, Montreal, Canada; W. P. Stanley, Peterborough; Neighbour and Son ; R. Wade, Coburg, Canada; Walker and Son, Van Diemen's Land; Williams and Saunders.

HONOURABLE MENTION.—Corne, J. Dean and Son, Dray and Co., London; Evans, Montreal, Canada; F. W. Jarvis, Toronto, Canada; Antrim flax; Ar­magh flax; Down flax; Limerick flax; Londonderry flax; Neighbour and Son; Shanks and Son; The Abbe Villleneuve, Montreal, Canada; Coffin, Canada.