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Paris Exposition: Chemical Arts

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.17, 1855, p.579


MEDALS of HONOUR.—Oastler and Palmer, Price's Patent Candle Company, London; Tennant and Co.,Glasgow.

FIRST CLASS MEDALs.—Blundell, Spence, and Co.; Dixon and Whiting, Fischer, J. and T. Hepburn, Lambert and Butler, D. W. and H. Roberts, T. H. Saunders, G. and T. Wallis, Woolf and Son, London; A. Allwright, Birming­Lam; C. Allhusen and Co., Gateshead ; East India Company; A. Cowan and Son, Edinburgh; R. and H. Draper, Kenilworth; J. J. Hollingsworth, Maid­stone; Hurlet and Campsle, Glasgow; Ordarth, Dublin; Pinceffs and Co., Manchester; A. Pirie and Son, Aberdeen; J. Paynter, Glasgow; W. Stockel, Birmingham; White, Glasgow.

SECOND CLASS MEDALS.—Bevington and Morris, Z. Bossard, Brookman and Langdon, Davy, M'Murdo, and Co., J. S. Deed, Morson and Son, J. New­man, G. Rowney and Co., London; W. Beatson, Rotherham, Yorkshire; Blushbridge, Kent; E. Fisher, Huddersfield; A. A. Fleming and Co., Leith; Hare and Co., Bristol; Hirst and Brooke, Leeds; Jardine, Skinner, and Co., British Colonies; Mandet Brothers, Wolverhampton; W. S. Portal, Malshanger; W. Slade, Haybourne-mills; Townsend, Glasgow; Turnbull; Wilson, Walker, and Co., Leeds; Wood, Stafford.

HONOURADLE MENTION.—F. S. Cleaver, H. W. Muller, E. Rimmel, A. Ross and Co., London ; Baldwin and Son, Birmingham ; Burkley; C. J. Clark, Street; J. S. Corbett, Greenwich; W. B. Gee, Sydney; J. Lamb, Newcastle; Richardson Brothers, Edinburgh; F. W. Rudden, Macleay River; Savory, Jamaica; G. Simmons, East Peckham; Dr. Stephenson, Manning River; Thomson, Vimmel.