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Paris Exposition: Alimentary Substances

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.17, 1855, p.579


FIRST CLASS MEDALS.—J. Dean, London; J. P. Cloete, Constance, Cape of Good Hope; J. W. M'Arthur, Camden, Australia; Pieris, Paradenia, Ceylon; T. Porter, jun., Guiana; Wiehe and Co., Mauritius.

SECOND CLASS MEDALS.—Aubin and Co. Mauritius ; G. Baillie, Ceylon; the East India Company; Messrs. Daniele and Harberton, Fortrose; the Industrial School of the Rev. M. Thurston, Ceylon; C. Fitts, Montreal, Canada; J. Gor­don, Guiana; the Government of Canada; W. P. K. T. Henery, Guiana; M. Hill, Barbadoes; A. Lyon, E. Loysel, Nyes and Co., De Soisa, Ceylon.

HONOURABLE MENTION.—G. de Biss, Mauritius; Bombay coffee of Aden; coffees of Calicut, Tinnevelly, Coimbatoor, and the Mountains of Neilgherry, India; R. H. Bridges, Guiana; Brown and Polson, Paisley; Captains Dalton and Holroyd, Assam, India; E. Chitty, Jamaica; E. Chitty, Cassave, Jamaica; E. Chitty, Jamaica; Corcoran ; S. W. Denison, Van Diemen's Land; De Florimont, W. Gamble, Etobitoke, Canada; J. Gordon, Guiana; G. Hamil­ton, Sydney, New South Wales; Harry, Moreton Bay, New South Wales; W. P. T. Henery?, Guiana; Huntley and Palmer, Reading; Dr. Jameson, Hima­layas, India; Hon. W. W. R. Kerr, Jamaica; E. Lawson, Toronto; H. Lesiezio?, Mauritius; Z. G. Lowe, Guiana; J. Nasmyth, Toronto, Canada; Pres­sodo? and Sino, Van Diemen's Land; T. Porter, jun., Guiana; J. D. Proctor, Montreal, Canada; Robb, Montreal, Canada ; the Superioress of the Loretto Convent, Richeterre, Mauritius; Dominica Island; Wilkie and Co., Sydney, New South Wales.