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Paris Exposition: Silk Manufactures

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.17, 1855, p.579


MEDAL OF HONOUR.—Courtauld and Co., London.

FIRST CLASS MEDALS.—Campbell, Harrison, and Lloyd, East India Com­pany, Grout and Co., T. Kempe and Son, J. Vanner and Son, J. and R. Watson, Wilson, Casey, and Co., London; Harrop, Taylor, and Co., Manchester ; Thomson, Lancaster.

SECOND CLASS MEDALS.—T. Brooks, Cornell, Lyel, and Webster, Critchley, Brinsley, and Co., Keith and Co., J. Le Mare and Son, H. Soper, London ; J. Hart, Coventry.

HONOURABLE MENTION.—J. Foot, Wardle and Co., London ; J. Chadwich, Manchester; Deverinne, Punjab, India; District of Manchester and Salford ; Huffnagle. East Indies.