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Paris Exposition: Hosiery, Carpets

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.17, 1855, p.579


MEDALS OF HONOUR.—C. Ball and Co., Nottingham; Crossley and Son, Halifax; Hine, Mundella, and Co., Nottingham; the town of Nottingham.

FIRST CLASS MEDALS.—Barnet and Maltby, Nottingham; R. Birkin, Not­tingham; Bright and Co., Manchester; S. R. and T. Brown, Glasgow; the East India Company, the Nizam of Hyderabad; Copestacke, Moore, Crampton, and Co., London; J. D. Dunnicliffe, Nottingham; Henderson and Wildnell ; T. Herbert and Co., Nottingham; Heymann and Alexander, Nottingham; D. L. J. Macdonald, Glasgow; H. Mallett, Nottingham; Reckless and Hickling, Nottingham; J. Templeton and Co., Glasgow; Treadwin, Exeter; W. Vickers, Nottingham; Wild and Bradbury, Nottingham.

SECOND CLASS MEDALS.—Blackborne, Riego de la Blanchardiere, Brown, Sharps, and Tyars; Esther Clarke, Jane Clarke, C. Glenny, Goblet, C. Harrison, Lapworth and Co., Morton and Son, Nevil and Co., Radley, B. Salomon and Son, Victoria Carpet Company, Watson, Low, and Bell, London; Brinton and Son, Kidderminster; India Company, Williams; India Company, J. Saliel; Fawcett and Co., Kidderminster; Forrest, Dublin; Henderson and Co., Durham; the City of Kingstown, Canada; Pardoe, Hoomans and Pardoe, Kidderminster; R. Lindsay and Co., Belfast; J. and W. Wallace, Glasgow; Wild and Bradbury, Nottingham; Withwell and Co., Kendal; and W. H. and J. Worth, Kidderminster.

HONOURABLE MENTION.—Foot and Co., Harrison, Spiers and Son, London; A. Hebb, Nottingham; Holden and Co., Belfast; T. Humphries, Kidderminster; Jacobi and Co., Nottingham; Mrs. J. Jones, Montreal, Canada ; D. M'Arthur, Lerwick; M. Moritz, Nottingham; W. Palmer, Kidderminster; Miss P. Partenair, Montreal, Canada; J. Turnbull and Co., Glasgow.