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[Royal warrant]

Source: The Illustrated London News, June 15, 1850, p.424

A Royal warrant has just been issued to the army, revising the rates of pay granted to trumpeters, drummers, buglers, and fifers, to be hereafter appointed or reappointed: viz. Life Guards, 2s. 1d.; Royal Horse Guards, 1s. 10d.; Cavalry of the Line, 1s. 5d.; Foot Guards, 1s. 2d.; Infantry of the Line, West India Regiments, Cape Mounted Riflemen, St. Helena Regiment, and Royal Newfoundland Companies, 1s. 1d.; Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment, 1s. 2d; Royal Malta Fencible Regiment, 10d.; and Ceylon Rifle Regiment, 9 1/2d. Those who are appointed at home before the date of the warrant, and abroad before the 1st of September, 1850, will be continued in receipt of their present pay; but, if reappointed after those dates, their pay will be issued according to the new scale.