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Source: The Illustrated London News, Sept. 8, 1866, p.243

THE Surrey and New Royalty Theatre will have the honour of opening the ensuing season. Both will commence next Saturday—the former with the new nautical drama by Mr. Slous, entitled "True to the Core," which has obtained the prize left by the will of the late Mr. T. P. Cooke.

The arrangements for Drury Lane are announced. The theatre will open on the 22nd inst., with the tragedy of "King John," when Mr. Sullivan will appear as Falconbridge, Mr. Swinbourne as Hubert, Master Rochelle as Arthur, and Mrs. Hermann Vezin as Constance. Miss Helen Faucit will appear in November for twelve nights as Imogen, Rosalind, Julia, and Pauline. We are promised, too, Mr. Talbot, of provincial reputation, as Macbeth, and Mr. T. Powrie as Roy Roy. The Brothers Webb are amongst the company, which is led by Mr. Phelps, who will appear in Goethe's "Faust" as Mephistophiles. The stage arrangement of the poem has been intrusted to Mr. Bayle Bernard. Mr. Sims Reeves is expected to appear in a series of ballad operas, and we understand that the services of Mdme. Jenny Bauer, Miss Poole. Miss Rebecca Isaacs, Mr. Henri Drayton, and Mr. Harrison are secured.

Sadler's Wells will reopen next Thursday with the legitimate drama. "Othello" is announced for performance with a new cast. Mr. J. H. Slater, late of Liverpool, for the noble Moor; Miss Leigh, as Desdemona; Mr. Warner, as Iago; and Mrs. J. F. Saville, as Emilia.

Mr. Henry Leslie author of "Adrienne," and other dramas, informs us that he is taking steps to establish for the first time in England a College for Dramatic Tuition. We wish every success to Mr. Leslie's scheme, but doubt of his being able to work it as a private enterprise.