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Capture of a Slaver

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 16, 1850, p.377

On the 11th of July, the Sharpshooter, Captain Bayley, captured the Brasilian slave brigantine Julia, off Campos. This vessel had only four days previously landed 320 slaves, and was then on her way to Capitania to take on board provisions prior to again proceeding to the Congo, coast of Africa. She was armed with two 18-lb. carronades and 20 Spanish rifles, to which were adapted long daggers to be used as bayonets; had a magazine regularly fitted, with a large quantity of ammunition, grape, canister, and round shot. The captain was a Spaniard—a most determined fellow—who some time ago commanded a heavily armed felucca, which was taken by the Centaur, and who, it will be recollected, beat off the boats of the Growler and Firefly, she former having several men killed and wounded. The Julia intended bringing over 500 slaves, but the agent on the coast could not procure them.