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The Leicester Square Soup Kitchen

Source: The Illustrated London News, June 15, 1850, p.423

Although employment is very general at the present season amongst the humbler classes or the community, yet the applications for relief at this institution have averaged, for the last month, no fewer than about 500 a day. In the winter season, the average ranged as high as 1800 to 2000. Other objects besides those originally contemplated by its founders have been projected and carried out by the committee of this establishment. For instance, 25 beds have been fitted up for the use of those who are houseless and friendless, and in March last a registry was opened, where the names and occupations of those seeking employment are gratuitously entered. This registry has been attended with excellent effects; for, out of 606 applications made of the secretary since it was established, upwards of 300 have, by that means, been placed in various situations, Independent, too, of the usual class of paupers who are fed at the soup-kitchens, the children belonging to ten ragged schools are daily supplied from the same establishment.