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[Steam-Packets to South America]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 16, 1850, p.378

STEAM COMMUNICATION with the BRAZILS and RIVER PLATE.—ROYAL MAIL STEAM-PACKET COMPANY—On the 9th of January, 1851 the TEVIOT, Capt. REVETT, and thence forward on the 9th of each month one other of this Company's Steamers, will leave Southampton, with mails, passengers, &c., for Madeira, Teneriffe, St. Vincent (Cape de Verds), Pernambuco, Bahia, and Rio de Janeiro; and from thence by branch steamer to Monte Video and Buenos Ayres, returning by the same route to Southampton.
Particulars as to rates of fares, freights, &c., may be had on application at the Company's Offices, in London, or at Southampton, where parcels, packages, and publications will be received for the places above-mentioned.
Goods taken on moderate freights outward to Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Monte Video, and Buenos Ayres; and homeward from the same places, as well as from St. Vincent (Cape do Verds), Teneriffe, and Madeira.
Passengers are recommended to make early application for securing proper berths.
55, Moorgate-street. E. CHAPPELL, Secretary.