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Testimonial to the Champion of the Thames

Source: The Illustrated London News, Sept. 22, 1866, p.291

A TESTIMONIAL was lately presented by the amateurs of aquatic skill to Henry Kelley, of the Bells Tavern, Putney, who won the match, last year, against Robert Chambers, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, for the championship of the Thames and a wager of 200 a side, though he had been defeated by Chambers in a similar contest six years before. The testimonial gift consists of a silver cup, manufactured by Mr. John Huntly, of Great Pulteney-street. The cup, of which we give an Illustration, stands 34 in. high and is 18 in, in diameter at the base; containing six quarts, and weighing nearly 300 oz. sterling silver. There is a figure of Britannia on the top, with a wreath of the rose, shamrock, and thistle; the oak-leaf and acorn twine around the lip, and the laurel, around the neck. The handles are formed of the figures of Father Thames, with bulrushes and scrolls. On the reverse side is a wreath of rose, shamrock, and thistle, with a suitable inscription.

Silver Cup