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Hardman: Wills and Bequests.

(The Illustrated London News, Jan. 31, 1885)

George Edward Hardman, Lancashire

The will (dated Feb. 9, 1880) with two codicials (dated Nov. 22, 1880, and May 14?, 1881), of Mr. George Edward Hardman, late of Oak Hill, near Rawtenstall, Lancashire, cotton and woollen manufacturer, who died on Oct. 4 last, at Buxton, was proved on the 24th ult. by George Openshaw, George Whitaker, and George Turner Hardman, and James Henry Hardman, the sons, the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to over £73,000. The testator bequeaths £20,000, but if the whole of his estate should not amount to £100,000, then only one fifth thereof, upon trust, for his daughter, Mary Ellen, to whom he also makes some specific bequests; and there are legacies to his executors and servants. All his real estate, and the residue of the personalty, he gives to his said two sons.