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Lewis: Wills and Bequests.

(The Illustrated London News, Jan. 31, 1885)

Elizabeth Lewis, Clevedon

The will of Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, widow, late of Nightingale Villa, Clevedon, who died on Nov. 2 last, at Malvern, was proved on the 16th ult. last by David Harrhy, William Daniell, and Humphrey Thomas Martin Crowther Gwynn, the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to upwards of £42,000. The testatrix, after bequeathing annuities to her servants and several legacies to her executors and other persons, bequeaths to the Clevedon Dispensary all her shares and interest in the Clevedon Gas Light Company; and to the Clevedon Cottage Hospital all her shares, stock, and interest in the Clevedon Water Works Company. The residue of her real and personal estate she gives, upon trust, to pay two equal fourth parts to her cousin Anne Mary Harrhy, one equal fourth part to her cousin Frances Harrhy, and the remaining one fourth to the said William Daniell and Mary Daniell and Edward Daniell.

After the decease of the survivor of them, the said Anne Mary Harrhy, and Frances Harrhy, the whole of her trust estate is to be equally divided between her cousins Herbert James Daniell, the said William Daniell and Mary Daniell, Hugo Daniell, and the said Edward Daniell.