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Wilkins: Wills and Bequests.

(The Illustrated London News, Jan. 31, 1885)

Charles Barns Wilkins, J.P., Bath

The will (dated July 21, 1883), with two codicils (dated Sept. 13 and 16 following), of Mr. Charles Barns Wilkins, J.P., late of No. 20, Royal crescent, Bath, who died on Nov. 30 last, was proved at the Bristol district registry on the 23rd ult. by Miss Ellen Bisdee Wilkins, the daughter, and Samuel Butler, the executors, the value of the personal estate amounting to over £12,000. The testator leaves his Highchurch estate to his wife, Mrs. Mary Wilkins, for life, and then, upon trust, for the widow and children of his late son, Jacob; the Studley Grange estate, subject to the payment of £50 per annum to his wife, for life, to his said daughter; the Newlands Hall estate upon trust, for his grandson, Walter Hugh Fitzgerald Wilkins; his residence, No. 20, Royal crescent, with the furniture and effects, to his said daughter; £50 to his wife, and £1000, upon trust, for her, for life; and there are other devises and bequests. The residue of the personalty he bequeaths to his said daughter.