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Experiments in the Marshes at Woolwich

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 16, 1850, p.378

Major-General Lacy, Director-General of Artillery; Colonel Campbell; Colonel Dundas, C.B.; Lieutenant-Colonel Chalmer, Assistant Director-General of Artillery; and Lieutenant-Colonel Hardinge, K.H., Royal Artillery, members of the select committee, officially witnessed last week experiments with twelve concussion shells, on a plan submitted by Colonel Pietet, of the Sardinian service. Four of the shells were 8-inch, and the other eight 32-pounders. Nine out of the twelve answered remarkably well by bursting when they struck the bulk-head with a most destructive effect: and, of the other three, one burst in or at the mouth of the gun, one during its flight, and the other, one of the 8-inch shells, did not explode, in consequence, it is supposed, of its having been immersed in the water in front of the bulk-head, which would extinguish the burning fire.