Free Money is Just an Inkjet Refill Away

Inkjet cartridges can be a costly product. They are a necessity, as personal printers become more and more popular. How can one take advantage of the benefits of having a personal printer while avoiding the financial pitfalls of inkjet cartridges? Consider inkjet refills.

At this point you may be asking, "What is an inkjet refill?" An inkjet refill is the process through which an empty inkjet cartridge is refilled with ink and then reused. It is an economical and ecologically sound method of using ink cartridges since the costly part of the cartridge is the casing.

There are at least two options to consider when looking into inkjet refills. The most economical is an inkjet refill kit. The kit contains ink bottles, syringes, and an air balance clip all to be used in the process of refilling your inkjet cartridge. You use the syringes to inject ink into the cartridges and once the ink is in, you use the air balance clip to balance the air in the cartridge so that ink flows freely from the cartridge.

Sounds easy, right? It is easy. You just have to have the time and patience to do it and be certain you have prepared your work area in case of spills. It is worth the effort when you consider that one refill may contain 3-4 refills and a cartridge, depending on its condition, can be refilled 3-4 times as well.

Another good thing to keep in mind is that even if you refill your cartridge yourself with an inkjet refill, the printer is still covered under the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) warranty. This means that your printer is covered for damages should you decide to use an inkjet refill.

A second alternative when considering an inkjet refill option is a remanufactured cartridge. An old cartridge is taken apart, old parts replaced, and the inkjets refilled to create a new cartridge that is at or above manufactures standards. These inkjet refills are time saving since you do not have to literally refill them, and they are still cost effective because you are not using a brand new cartridge.

Companies that remanufacture ink cartridges will often offer discounts if you turn in your used cartridges. This is definitely an added financial plus when shopping for inkjet refill options. Remanufactured cartridges have the added advantage of having any worn parts replaced, which adds to longevity of the cartridge.

So where can you get inkjet refills? They are available online or in your local office supply store. To avoid delays, such as having inkjet refills available when you need them, order early. This is especially important since it is not a good idea that you allow your cartridge to dry out. Ordering early can avoid this pitfall.

There are also inkjet refill companies starting to crop offerings to get their hands dirty instead yours. It is not a bad idea to get some references or feedback on the services before investing large amounts of money.

If you want "free" money and consider inkjet refill options. It is like keeping money in the bank as you purchase a much needed product. Happy refilling.

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