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Are you thinking of traveling to Dublin Ireland this summer on vacation and need a place to stay? Then why not check into one of the Dublin Youth Hostels. What is a Youth Hostel? It generally refers to rooms for young people who are traveling on a budget.

They are also referred to as Backpacker Hotels. Dublin has over thirty Youth Hostels listed with room rates starting from $13.25 to $64.28. With Hostels spread throughout the city it is easy to stay in an area that interests you.

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Many of the Hostels offer Internet access, breakfast, storage lockers, bicycle parking, and a travel desk to help in your travels all included in the price of your room.

Here is a brief history of Dublin and a few sightseeing suggestions to get you started. Dublin started out as a trading post for the Vikings and developed into a Celtic settlement.

It has centuries of history that can be explored within the comforts of a modern city. Some buildings in Dublin date back to the seventeenth century. You could also go and see the Georgian Dublin, a eighteenth century door that is the recognized symbol for "Welcome" in Dublin.

You could also visit one of the many Churches, Museums, or Castles that are in and around Dublin. Many of the Dublin Youth Hostels can set you up with a guided tour by bus or a walking tour with the narration downloadable to your mp-3 player. They also have a Rock and Roll tour where you visit the history of Rock in Dublin.

Then there is the joy of shopping in the Central Shopping Area in the heart of Dublin where you will find unique and affordable gifts and souvenirs. And don't forget the Pubs. Dublin is well known for its over 1,000 Pubs located throughout the city, enjoy a taste of the finest of Irish Whisky, Jameson along with a pint of Guinness.

There is also the nightlife that Dublin is famous for with everything from traditional Celtic music to modern Rock. Once you are in Dublin the travel desk at the Hostels can point you in the right direction to the trip of a lifetime.

Many Youth Hostels and Backpacker Hotels offer one-person rooms as well as family rooms and most are close to the attractions that you want to see. And if you want to plan your itinerary before you leave you can go to the Tourist Office to see all that Dublin has to offer.

Staying in one of the many Dublin Youth Hostels is a great way to conserve your money as well as making sure that your stay is safe and comfortable. Let checking out Dublin, Ireland be one of the many memories that you keep for a lifetime. With a City with centuries of history you know that when its time for your children to make their trek and their own memories that the Dublin Hostel that you stayed in will still be there to keep them warm.