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London Bankers [1819]

Barclays, Tritton, and Bevan, 56, Lombard street
Barnard, Dimsdale, and Co. 50, Cornhill
Birch, Chambers, and Hobbs, 160, New Bond street
Bond, Sons, and Pattisall, Change Alley
Bosanquet, Pitt and Co. 73, Lombard street
Bouverie and Co. 35, Craven street, Strand
Brooks, Son, and Dixon, 25, Chancery-lane
Brown, Langhorn, and Co. 23, Bucklersbury
Chatteris, Whitmore, and Co. 24, Lombard street
Child, and Co. 1, Fleet street
Cocks, Biddulph, Ridge, and Co. 43, Charing cross
Coutts, (Thomas,) and Co. 59, Strand
Curries, Raike, and Co. 29, Cornhill
Curtis, (Sir William,) and Co. 15, Lombard street
Denison, J. 106, Fenchurch street
Dimsdale, (Hon. Baron,) Barnard and Co. 50, Cornhill
Dorien, Magens, and Co. 22, Finch Lane
Drummond and Co. 49, Charing-cross
Esdaile, (Sir James,) Esdaile, and Co. 21, Lombard street
Everett and Co. 9. Mansion-House-street
Fry, (W. S.) and Sons, 4, St. Mildred's-court
Fuller, (Richard and George,) and Co. 84, Cornhill
Gill and Thomas, 42, Lombard-street
Glyn, (Sir R. Carr, bart.) Mills and Co. 12, Birchln Lane
Gosling and Sharp, 19, Fleet-street
Hammersleys, Greenwood, Drew and Co. 76, Pall Mall
Hanbury and Co. 60, Lombard-street
Hankeys and Co. 7, Fenchurch-street
Herries, Farquhar and Co. 16, St. James's-street
Hoare, Henry and Co. 37, Fleet-street
Hoare, Barnett's, and Co. 62, Lombard-street
Hodsoll and Sir Walter Stirling, bart. 345, Strand
Hopkinson, C. and E. and Co. Waterloo Place
Jones, Lloyd, Hulme, and Co. 43, Lothbury
Ladbrokes, Watson, and Gillman, Bank Buildings
Lees, Satterthwaite, Brassey, and Co. 71, Lombard-street
Lubbock, Sir J. W. and Co. 11, Mansion-House-street
Marsh, Sibbald, Sir J. Stracey, and Co. Berners'-street
Marten, Hale, and Call, 25, Old Bond-street
Martins, Stone, and Martin, 68, Lombard-street
Masterman, Peters, Walker, Mildred, and Co. 2, White Hart-court, Lombard-street
Merle, (Wm.) and Co. 2, Cox's-court, Little Britain
Minet and Fector, 21, Austin Friars
Morland, and Co. 57, Pall Mall
Nicholson and Co. 32, Abchurch Lane
Pares and Heygate, 25, Bridge-street, Blackfriara
Paxton, Corkerill, and Co. Austin Friars
Perring, (Sir J. bart.) and Co. 72, Cornhill
Pole, (Sir Peter, bart.) and Co. 1, Bartholomew Lane
Praeds, Mackworth, and Newcombe, 189, Fleet-street
Prescott, Grote, and Co. 62, Threadneedle-street
Price and Co. 1, Mansion-house-street
Ransom and Co. 34, Pall Mall
Rogers, Towgood, and Co. 29, Clement's Lane, Lombard-street
Sansom and Postlethwaite, 65, Lombard-street
Sikes, Snaith, and Co. 5, Mansion-House-street
Smith, Payne and Co. George-street, Mansion-House
Snow, Sandby, and Paul, 217, Strand
Spooner and Attwoods, 27, Gracechurch-street
Stephenson, Remington, and Smith, 69, Lombard-street
Stevenson and Salt. 80, Lombard-street
Vere, Smart, Baron, and Co. 77, Lombard street
Wentworth, Chalmer, and Co. 25, Threadneedle street
Weston, Pinhorn, and Co. 37, Borough
Williams, Son, Moffat, and Co. 20, Birchin Lane
Willis, Pervical and Co. 76, Lombard street
Wright, T. and Co. 5 Henrietta street, Covent Garden.


Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819