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Booksellers and Publishers [1819]

Lists of Booksellers and Publishers, according to the various branches of business in which they are separately engaged.

N.B. The names of those who engage in several different departments must necessary appear more than once.

1.—Wholesale Booksellers and Publishers, who supply the town and country trade, and execute foreign orders for books of every description.
Baldwin and Co. Paternoster-row.
Longman and Co. Paternoster-row.
Ogles and Co. Paternoster-row, and Holborn.
Rivingtons, F. C. and J., Paternoster-row., St. Paul's Church Yard, Strand, and Waterloo Place.
Sherwood and Co. Paternoster-row.
Whittaker, G. and W. B., Ave-Marie Lane.

.—Wholesale Booksellers and Publishers, who chiefly confine themselves to their own publications.
Cadell and Davies, Strand.
Murray, Albemarle-st.
Nicol, Pall Mall.

3—Wholesale Booksellers who chiefly supply the town and Country Booksellers.
Kerby, Warwick-lane.
Richardson, J., Exchange.
Robinson, John, Paternoster-row
Scatcherd and Letterman, Stationers' Court.
Scholey, Paternoster-row.
Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court.
Walker, John, Paternoster-row.
Whittaker, G. and W. B. (particularly School Books).
Wilkie, Paternoster-row.

4.—Retail Booksellers and Publishers.
Allman, T. and J., Princes-st., Hanover-square.
Arch, J. and A., Cornhill.
Bagster, Paternoster-row.
Bent, ditto.
Bysh, Paternoster-row.
Black and Co. Leadenhall-st.
Black and Son, York-st.
Booth, Duke-st., Portland-place.
Boys, Ludgate Hill.
Bumpus, Holborn.
Carpenter, Old Bond-st.
Chapple, Pall-Mall.
Clarke, Bond-st.
Colburn, Conduit-st.
Conder, St. Paul's Church-Yard.
Cox and Son, High-st. Borough.
Edwards and Knibbs, Newgate-st.
Egerton, (chiefly Military books) Charing-cross.
Gardiner, Prince's-st., Cavendish-square.
Hailes, Piccadilly.
Harding, St. James's-st.
Hatchard, Piccadilly.
Hone, Ludgate-hill.
Hunter, St. Paul's Church-yard.
Hey, Somerset-st. Manchester-sq.
Lackington and Co. Finsbury-sq.
Mawman, Ludgate-hill.
Pinnock and Maunder, Strand,
Richardson, J. M., Cornhill.
Ridgway, Piccadilly.
Rivingtons, Paternoster-row, Waterloo-Place, and Strand.
Rodwell and Martin, New Bond-street.
Seeley, Fleet-st.
Souter, St. Paul's Church-yard.
Stockdale, J. J., Pall-Mall.
Tegg, Cheapside.
Taylor and Hessey, Fleet-st.
Taylor J. Architectural Library, Holborn.
Underwood, T. and G., Fleet-st.
Young, Paternoster-row.

5—Booksellers who chiefly sell Modern Publications.
Allason, New Bond-st.
Anderson and Chase, Smithfield.
Asperne, Cornhill.
Bell, Jos., Oxford-st.
Bowdery and Kerby, Oxford-st.
Budd and Calkin, Pall-Mall.
Burton and Smith, Leadenhall street.
Butterworth, H., Fleet-st.
Byfield and Sons, Charing-cross.
Clarke, Piccadilly.
Clarke, W., Exchange.
Clarke, Frith-street, Soho.
Cowie and Co. Poultry.
Fearman, New Bond-st.
Gray and Son, Mary-le-bone-st.
Hailes, Piccadilly.
Harwood, Great Russel-st.
Highley and Son, Fleet-st.
Hill and Co. Borough.
Hoitt, T. and J., Upper-Berkeley street.
Hodgson, Upper Wimpole-st.
Hughes, Ludgate-hill.
Ilberry, Titchfield-st.
Jennings, Poultry.
Kent, High-Holborn.
Kirby, Stafford-st.
Lepard, Strand.
Lindsell, Wimpole-st.
Lloyd and Son, Harley-st.
Major, Skinner-st.
Meredith, Westminster-road.
Miller, Westminster-bridge.
Murray, Coventry-st.
Olier, C. and J., Vere-st. Oxford-street.
Parsons and Son, Fleet-st.
Porter, Pall-Mall.
Paris, Long-acre
Reynolds, Oxford-st.
Reynolds, Newgate-st.
Rice, Berkeley-square.
Ridgway, Piccadilly.
Roden, Hanway-yard.
Smith and Elder, Fenchurch-st.
Stockdale, Mrs., Piccadilly.
Stockdale, W., ditto.
Stodart, Strand.
Walker, G., Portland-place.
Walker, W., Strand.
Westley and Parish, ditto.
Whiteley, Newgate-st.
Wilson, E., Exchange.
Wilson, T., St. Paul's Churchyard.
Wilson, T., Essex-st.
Wetton and Jarvis, Paternoster. row.
Wright, Fleet-st.

6.—Booksellers who keep Daily Papers for Loungers.
Cawthorn, Cockspur-st.
Fearman, New Bond-st.
Hatchard, Piccadilly.
Richardson, J. M., Cornhill.
Ridgway, Piccadilly.
Sams, Pall-Mall.
Stockdale, Mrs., Piccadilly.
Stockdale, W., ditto.

7.—Booksellers who keep Circulating Libraries.
Booth, Duke-st.
Burgess and Hill, (for Medical and Chemical works) Windmill-st.
Callow, (for Medical books) Prince's-st. Leicester-sq.
Carpenter, Holborn.
Cawthorn, Cockspur-st.
Chapple, Pall-Mall.
Colburn, Conduit-st.
Dutton, Gracechurch-st.
Earle, Albemarle-st.
Ebers, Old Bond-st.
Fearman, New Bond-st.
Hale, Little Newport-st.
Harwood, Great Russel-st.
Hebert, Cheapside.
Hebert and Mann, Fleet-st.
Hoitt, P. and J., Upper Berkeley-st.
Hookham's, Old Bond-st.
Horne, Queen-st., Cheapside.
Hey, Somerset-st., Manchester sq.
Ilberry, Titchfield-st.
Keys, Coleman-st.
Newman and Co. Leadenhall-st.
Olier, C. and J., Vere-st.
Rice, C. Berkeley-square.
Roach, Russel-court.
Sams, Pall-Mall.
Stodart, Strand.
Tegg, Cheapside.

8.—Booksellers who have Reading Rooms.
Asperne, Cornhill.
Fearman, New Bond-st.
Hatchard, Piccadilly.
Hookham, Old Bond-st.
Lloyd and Son, Harley-st.
Rice, Berkeley-square.
Reynolds, Oxford-st.
Sams, Pall-Mall.
Stodart, Strand.

9.—Dealers in Second hand Books.
Anderson, Piccadilly.
Arch, Cornhill.
Arnould, Spring-gardens.
Bain, Mews-gate.
Baldwyn and Co. Newgate-st.
Barnes, Piccadilly.
Barrington, Strand.
Baynes, R., Ivy Lane.
Baynes, W., Paternoster-row.
Bigg, Parliament-st.
Black and Son, (chiefly foreign classics) York-st.
Booker, New Bond-st.
Boone and Son, Strand.
Booth, Duke-st. Portland-place.
Brumby, Mary-le-bone-st.
Carlisle, Holborn.
Christie, Holborn.
Clark, New Bond-st.
Cope, Knightsbridge.
Cuthell, Holborn.
Doyle, Holborn.
Eaton, Holborn.
Egerton, Charing-cross.
Evans, Pall-Mall.
Ginger, College-st.
Gosling and Redshaw, Charles-st. Soho.
Greenland, Finsbury-place.
Hayes, King-st. Covent-garden.
Hearne, Tottenham-court-road.
Hodges, Prince's-st., Leicester-sq.
Jeffery, Pall-Mall.
Keys, Coleman-st.
Lackington and Co. Finsbury-sq.
Laycock, Broad-st., Bloomsbury
Longman and Co. Paternoster-row
Low, Holborn.
Lowndes, Bedford-st.
Major, Skinner-st.
Mason, Great Russel-st.
Maynard, Panton-st.
Maxwell, Bell-yard.
Nornaville and Fell, New Bond street.
Nunn Great Queen-street.
Offor, J., Newgate-st.
Offor, G., Tower-hill.
Ogles and Co. Paternoster-row, and Holborn.
Otridge, Strand.
Payne and Foss, Pall-Mall.
Priestley, Holborn.
Priestley, Mrs. Broad-st. Bloomsbury.
Reid, Charing-cross.
Rivingtons and Cochran, at their new establishment, Strand.
Ryan, Oxford-street.
Setchell, King-st, Covent-garden.
Sheldon, Moor-st.
Triphook, Old Bond-st.
Whitmore and Fenn, Charing cross.
Wingrave, Strand.
Wood, Strand.

10.—Law Booksellers
Butterworth and Son, Fleet-st.
Butterworth, H., Fleet-st.
Clarke and Sons, Portugal-st.
Hunter, Bell-yard.
Pheney, in the Temple.
Reid, Fleet-st.
Walker, Strand
Wilson, Essex-st.

11.—Medical Booksellers
Anderson and Chase, Smithfield.
Burgess and Hill, Great Windmill-st.
Callow, Prince's-st. Leicester-sq.
Cox and Son, Borough.
Highley and Son, Fleet-st.
Underwood, T. and G., Fleet-st.

12.—Booksellers of Religious Works
Baynes, W., Paternoster-row
Baynes, R., Ivy-lane
Blanshard, Paternoster-row and City-road
Burton and Smith, Leadenhall street
Button and Son, Paternoster-row
Conder, St. Paul's Church-Yard
Hamilton, Paternoster-row
Hatchard, Piccadilly
Huntington, High-street, St. Giles
Nisbett, Castle-street, Oxford-st.
Ogles and Co.
Rowe, Great Marlborough-street
Seeley, Fleet-street
Westley (late Williams) Stationers'-court.

13.—Booksellers of Theatrical Works
Barker, St. Clement's Passage
Cawthorn, Catherine-street
Chapple, Pall Mall
Fearman, New Bond-street
Lowndes, Bedford-street
Lowndes, Bow-street
Lowndes, Brydges-street, Covent Garden
Miller, Burlington Arcade
Roach, Russel-court
Rodwell, Brydges-street
Sams, Pall Mall.

14.—Juvenile Libraries.
Darton and Co. Gracechurch-st.
Darton, Jun., Holborn
Godwin and Co. Skinner-street
Hailes, Piccadilly
Harris, St. Paul's Church Yard
Hoitt, T. and J., Upper Berkeley-street
Pinnock and Maunder, Strand
Souter, St. Paul's Church Yard.

15.—French and Italian Booksellers
Berthoud and Wheatley, Soho-square
Bohté and Co. York-street
Boosey and Sons, Broad-street
Bossange and Masson, Great Marlborough-street
Dulau and Co. Soho-square
Hayes, King-street, Covent Garden
Key, Coleman-street
Treuttel and Wurtz, Soho-square, who deal extensively in all foreign works, particularly classics.
Zotti, Italian Library, Broad-st., Golden-sq.

16.—German Booksellers
Bohn, Frith-street, Soho.
Bohté and Co., York-street.
Boosey and Sons, Broad-street.
Treuttel and Wurtz, Soho-square.

17.—Publishers of Works in Numbers.
Hogg, Mrs., Paternoster Row.
Kelly, Paternoster Row.
Nuttal, Fisher and Dixon, Bartholomew Close.
Robins and Co. Ivy-lane.
Tegg, Cheapside.


Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819

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