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Red Cross-street Library

RedCross Street Library

Was founded for the use of the Protestant Dissenting Ministers, by Dr. Williams, who was born about 1643, He died, after an active, memorable, and useful life, in 1716, leaving his library, now increased, by the purchase of Dr. Bates's, to near 17,000 volumes, for public use; and he directed that his trustees should purchase or build a proper house for its reception. Such a building erected by them in Red Cross street, was opened in 1729, where the Doctor's collection is preserved with peculiar care and neatness. Here the body of dissenting ministers frequently meet to transact the business of the general concern. It has long been the repository for portraits of Non-Conformist ministers, for M.S.S. and other matters of curiosity and utility. The great room contains several glazed cases, in which there are the works of Graevius and Gronovius, Rymer's Foedera, the early editions of Milton's works, with the first edition of his Paradise Lost.

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