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Lambeth Palace

Was erected at different periods, therefore it is not extraordinary that it should possess little appearance of uniformity. The edifice, though old, is strong. The corners are faced with rustic, and the top surrounded with battlements: but the principal apartments are well proportioned, and well lighted. Some of the interior rooms are close and confined; but many are open and pleasant, and afford very agreeable prospects, both up and down the river. When viewed from the river, this palace, with the trees in front, and the church of Lambeth adjoining, present a picturesque appearance.

An excellent library was founded in this palace by archbishop Sancroft, and has been greatly increased by archbishops Abbott, Sheldon, and Tennison.—The palace is now the general residence of the archbishop of Canterbury.

The church is an antique structure, dedicated to St. Mary.

The Parks, being royal property, may next come under view.

Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819