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London Street Index

Darce-st. Westminster
Dalby-terrace, City-rd.
Darby-l. Hackney-rd.
Dartmouth-r. Westminster
Dartmouth-st. Westminster
David-st. Portman-sq.
Davies-st. Berkeley-sq.
Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Kent-rd.
Dean-st. Westminster
Dean-st. Fetter-l.
Dean-st. Holborn
Dean-st. Piccadilly
Dean-st. Soho-sq.
Dean's-yard, Westminster
Denmark-st. St-Giles's-church
Denmark-st. Ratcliff-highway
Denton's-st. Somers-town
Deptford Lower-rd.
Devonshire-house, Piccadilly
Devonshire-pl. Paddington
Devonshire-pl. Kennington-l.
Devonshire-r. Devonshire-st.
Devonshire-sq. Bishopsgate-st.
Devonshire-st. Kennington-l.
Devonshire-st. Portland-pl.
Devonshire-st. Queen-sq.
Devonshire-st. Globe-rd. Mile-end-rd.
Diana-pl. New-rd.
Digby-st. Bethnal-green
Digby-r. Bethnal-green
Dirty-l. High-st. Borough
Dirty-l. Kingsland-rd.
Dock-head, Horsleydown
Dock-st. Commercial-rd.
Dog-r. Whitechapel
Dog-and-bear-yard, Tooley-st.
Doris-st. Gray's-walk, Lambeth
Dorset-st. Portman-sq.
Dorset-st. Fleet-st.
Doughty-st. Foundling-hospital
Dove-pl. near Hackney
Dover-pl. Greenwich-rd.
Dover-st. Blackfriar's-rd.
Dover-st. Piccadilly
Down-st. Piccadilly
Downing-st. Westminster
Doyley-pl. Sloane-sq.
Draper's Almshouses, Kingsland-rd.
Duck-l. Westminster
Ducking-pond?-r Whitechapel
Duck's-foot-l. Upper Thames-st.
Duke-st. St. James's
Duke-st. St. George's in the East
Duke-st. Blackfriars-rd.
Duke st. Great George-st.
Duke-st. Bloomsbury
Duke-st. Grosvenor-sq.
Duke-st. Lincoln's-inn-fields
Duke-st. Manchester-sq.
Duke-st. Borough
Duke-st. St. George's-fields
Duke-st. Spitalfields
Duke's-ct. Drury-l.
Duke's-pl. Houndsditch
Duke's-r. Pimlico
Duke's-r. Somer's-town
Duncan-terrace, City-rd.
Dunk-st. Whitechapel
Dunning's-al. Bishopsgate-st.
Durham-pl. Chelsea
Durham-pl. (east and west) Hackney-rd.
Dutchess-st. Portland-pl.
Dyer-st. Blackfriars-rd.
Dyot-st. St. Giles's


Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819