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London Street Index

Tabernacle, Finsbury-sq.
Tabernacle-walk, Finsbury-sq.
Tash-st. Gray's-inn-l.
Tattersal's Repository, Hyde-park-corner
Tavistock-pl. Tavistock-sq.
Tavistock-st. Bedford-sq.
Tavistock-st. Covent-garden
Temple, Fleet-st.
Temple-bar, Fleet-st.
Temple-l. Temple
Temple-st. St. George's-fields
Tench-st. Wapping
Tenter-r. City-rd.
Tenterden-st. Hanover-sq.
Terling-st. Sun-tavern-fields
Thames-st. Bankside
Thayer-st. Manchester-sq.
The Bishop's-walk, Lambeth
The Chapel, Five-fields-rd. Chelsea
The Circus, in the Minories
The Crescent, Minories
The Folly, Horsleydown
The Grange, Bermondsey-rd.
The Grange-rd. Bermondsey
The Great Almonry
The Halfpenny-batch, Neckinger-rd.
The King's-rd. Southwark
The King's-rd. Knightsbridge
The King's-rd. Chelsea
The Lodge, Hyde-park
The Mall, St. James's-park
The Maze, Tooley-st. Borough
The Maze-pond, Southwark
The Minories, Tower-hill
The New-cut, Blackfriars-rd.
The Old Bailey, Ludgate-hill
The Oval, near Kennington-common
The Paragon, Greenwich-rd.
The Retreat, Vauxhall-turnpike
The Ring, Hyde-park
The Town-hall, Borough High-st.
The Willow-walk, Chelsea
Theobold's-r. Red-lion-sq.
Thomas-st. Bethnal-green-rd.
Thomas-st. Spitalfields
Thomas-st. Whitechapel
Thomas-st. Horsleydown
Thornhaugh-st. Gower-st.
Thornhaugh-st. North
Thorney-st. Bloomsbury
Thorold-sq. Bethnal-green
Three Mariner-stairs, Rotherhithe
Throgmorton-st. Royal-exchange
Thurlow-pl. Walworth
Tile Kilns, Bagnigge-wells
Tilney-st. South Audley-st.
Titchborne-st. Haymarket
Titchfield-st. Mary-le-bone
Tobacco Warehouses, London Docks
Token-house-yard, Throgmorton-st.
Tonbridge-pl. Somers-town
Tomlin's-town, Edgeware-rd.
Torrington-st. Russel-sq.
Tothill-fields, Bridewell
Tothill-st. Westminster
Tottenham-st. Rathbone-pl.
Tower-hill, Lower Thames-st.
Tower Royal Court, Tower Royal
Tower-st. Seven-dials
Tower-st. Tower-hill
Tower-st. Westminnter-bridge-rd.
Tralfalgar-st. City-rd.
Trafalgar-st. near Hackney
Trafalgar-st. Walworth
Treasury, Whitehall
Trinity-l. Bread-st.
Trinity-sq. Tower-hill
Tryon-pl. Hackney
Turk-st. Spitalfields
Turk's-r. Chelsea
Turnagain-l. Fleet-market
Turner-st. Commercial-rd.
Turner's-sq. Hoxton
Turnmill-st. Clerkenwell-green
Turpentine-l. Milbank
Turton-st. Westminster
Tyssen-st. Spitallields


Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819