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The Prince of Wales at Eastbourne

Source: The Illustrated London News, Feb. 20, 1892 p.227

Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, with Prince George and Princesses Victoria and Maud on Thursday, Feb. 11, left Marlborough House for Eastbourne, where Compton Place, the Duke of Devonshire's residence, was lent by his Grace for the use of the royal family. Their arrival in tile town was greeted with evident sympathy, but in silence. with raising of hats in token of respect, by a crowd of people at the railway station. Compton Place, situated within half a mile of the seashore, is a commodious mansion of no remarkable architectural pretensions, surrounded by trees and secluded grounds. Our Illustrations are supplied by Messrs. G. and R. Lavis, photographers, of Eastbourne. The Prince and Princess of Wales were there last summer for one day, as the guests of the noble owner, when they opened the new wing of the local hospital founded in memory of Princess Alice.