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Welcome Home to "General" Booth

Source: The Illustrated London News, Feb. 20, 1892 p.227

General Booth arriving at Southampton
Flotilla of Steam-Boats from Southampton meeting "General" Booth

The founder and commander-in-chief of that extraordinary popular religious and philanthropic organisation styled the "Salvation Army," Mr. William Booth, returned home on Saturday, Feb. 13, when he was greeted in London with a street procession and a demonstration in Hyde Park. "General" Booth has been seven months absent in the Cape Colony, Australia, New Zealand, and India. He left Paris and crossed the Channel from Cherbourg in a special steamer, the Hilda on the Friday, landing at Southampton; and his vessel was met in the Solent by a flotilla of seven other steam-boats. conveying; nearly 4000 members of the Army, brought down from London by special trains. Our Illustration of this scene is partly furnished by the aid of a Southampton photographer, Mr. F. G. O. Stuart. The vessels were gaily dressed with flags, and had bands of music on board; one, the Hercules, contained the "General's" family and friends, who went on board the Hilda while he held a sort of naval review. He addressed a large congregation at the Drill-hall in Southampton. Arriving in London on Saturday afternoon, he entered a carriage with Mr. Bramwell Booth, and, followed by other carriages, with the officers of his staff on horseback, a brass band, and a mounted escort, went to Hyde Park, where he was met by a considerable assemblage, with vans full of women and children, emblems, and music in great quantity. They formed up near the Marble Arch, and "General" Booth, who wore a Salvation Army uniform, delivered an address, followed by the singing of hymns. The procession, leaving Hyde Park, went along Oxford Street and Holborn, and by St. Bride Street, Fleet Street, and Bridge Street, Blackfriars, to the headquarters of the Salvation Army in Queen Victoria Street. arriving there soon after five o'clock.

Salvation Army march
Hyde Park on Booth's Return Home